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Chicken Mystake Chart

Deposit MethodsVisa, MasterCard, Skrill, Netteller, Pix, Boleto, Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, SEPA, Bank Wire
RTP ( Return To Player )99%
Max Bet1,000
Min Bet0.20
Available CurrenciesEUR / USD / BRL / GBP / CAD / AUD

What is Chicken Game

Chicken Mini Game is the new gambling product which is exclusively available on MyStake! Chicken is a Casino Mini Game. It’s different from traditional Slot and Casino Games. The main difference is that your actions and decisions help you win, instead of just relying on your luck!

Just like in Crash Games (such as JetX or Dino) you can Cash Out your bet after any step of the game. You have an option to continue and risk opening a new plate, or enjoy your current win and cash it out! The more plates you open, the more your multiplier is! So there’s a real challenge – Should I stop, or Should I continue for the bigger win?

This dilemma is the main indicator of the popularity of Chicken Game. A lot of TikTok and YouTube influencers have tried their luck and excitement on this game. That’s why these videos are extremely popular around the world! Chicken is not only a game but also a character, community builder and even a NFT card!

How to Play Chicken Game on MyStake

Before you start playing Chicken on MyStake, there are 2 easy steps. Since it’s a casino game and each game round means each real money bet, you should sign up on the website and make a real money deposit!

Step 1: Sign Up on MyStake​

In order to play the Chicken game, you should sign up on MyStake Casino. It’s really easy process and takes only a minute. You only have to fill up information such as your First Name, Last Name, Email and Country. Make sure that you choose the correct Country and Currency because it decides the availability of deposit / withdrawal methods for you! The last field asks you for a Promo Code, which is optional. You can find available promo codes on MyStake’s partner websites or from influencers! At the end, just tick the checkbox to accept Terms And Conditions and that’s it, you’ve successfully signed up on MyStake!

Step 2: Deposit on MyStake

Chicken can only be played with real money, which means that Chicken Demo version is not available on the website. MyStake offers variety of deposit methods such as: Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Netteller, Pix, Boleto, Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, SEPA, Bank Wire and much more! Find your Relevant deposit method on MyStake and make your first deposit!

The deposit on MyStake does not require an account verification! You can deposit your funds within few seconds without losing your time for verifications! We would suggest you to deposit with Crypto as it’s instant and free of charge!

Chicken Playing Options

Chicken has very simple settings. It’s very easy to understand. You only adjust the number of bones and your bet amount. The more bones you select, the more your multiplier will be for opening the correct tile. The lowest multiplier is 1.03x per tile (if you select only 1 bone) and the highest is 24.75x per tile (if you select 24 bones). The multiplier amount increases as you open more tiles. As an example, if you select the number of bones to 6, the multiplier of opening a single tile will be 1.3, the next tile will be 1.33, then 1,35 and so on. The multipliers are multiplied on each other, therefore for opening 3 tiles on 6 bones selection, you will get your bet multiplied by 1.3×1.33×1.35=2.34x in total!

Here’s the photo guide to understand the game settings better!

Strategies to win on Chicken

Chicken has been around for more than a year, therefore the players, high rollers, influencers and mathematicians have found strategies and techniques that help most of the time to win the game. This is not a financial advice and you can only attempt to try one of the strategies available on this page!
So here’s the list of some of the win strategies on Chicken Game:

Martingale Strategy on Chicken

MyStake casino allows Martingale betting strategy on its mini games. Martingale is disallowed on every land and online casino and it’s counted as the playing method which gives you more chances to win than regular playing. The martingale strategy can also be used on Chicken game. In order to take advantage of this strategy, you should start with 1 EUR bet, select 5 bones and try to open 4 tiles (which gives 2.58x multiplier). If you fail to do so, then multiply your previous bet by 2 and bet 2 EUR. If you still lose, your next bet should be 4, then 8, 16, 32 and so on. Let’s do a quick math. For example, if you fail to succeed 5 times and the 6th one will be successful, your total bet will be 63 EUR and the win will be 160 EUR. It means that your total profit will be 160-63=97 EUR profit with the strategy.

Open only 1 dome

One of the most used method to win on chicken is to select the bones to 1 and open only 1 dome. In this case your multiplier will be 1.03x, but you can repeatedly do the same with high sum of bet (100 EUR or more) and enjoy the sum of win amount. The win chance in this case is 94%.

You can see other strategies on different websites and try one of them!

Chicken on TikTok: Is it real?

Your first meeting with chicken might have been on Tiktok! This famous platform is full of videos regarding the Chicken game! Influencers around the world share how they play chicken and speak about how they have managed to earn thousands of euros in just a few minutes! The question is, is it real? Do they really earn money while playing chicken?

The quick answer is yes! Since it’s just a mini game, in difference from slots, you can achieve a big win in matter of seconds! Each game round in chicken only takes around 20 seconds. And the max win is 11,000 EUR, so you can win 11K EUR in just 20 seconds. The short duration of game round is the main reason why this game is popular on Tiktok – a platform where short-duration videos are becoming viral.

The vast majority of people you meet on TikTok promoting this game are also affiliates of mystake. You can apply for an affiliation on MyStake and become one of them by filling an easy blank! You can earn additional money by inviting more people to the casino!

Is chicken game scam or legit

You might have found both positive and negative reviews about Chicken game in google! But the reality is that the percentage of negative reviews is low. You will only meet couple of negative reviews about it. The reality is that it’s only made for the attention! A lot of people go to the internet after watching a tiktok video to see reviews about this game. Of course, negative information is always spread quicker than the positive one, so the attention is high on these kind of articles. But the sites which tell bad  things about this game always have a different casino links listed on their web pages and wants you to play on different casino instead of a My Stake! They are sponsored by competitor casinos to steal the players from MyStake. You can see it by yourself:

As an example, this review website directly says that the Chicken is a scam, and puts the link of Casinozer. The article is sponsored by Casinozer.

In reality, there are plenty of other review websites where they only speak positive about the Chicken game, feel free to check them out by yourself! There are no single cases where somebody was unable to withdraw their winnings! The best method is to try it out by yourself!

Mystake Chicken Game Promo Code / Bonus

MyStake offers variety of Bonuses both deposit and no-deposit. The website promotions are for every user of MyStake! You can check their promotions page to find out:

  1. Minigames Welcome Bonus
    Make your First Deposit worth more than 20 EUR / USD / BRL / GBP and get 100% on top of your balance to play Chicken with doubled up funds
  2. 10% CashBack
    If you weren’t lucky enough to win on chicken, 10% of your lost funds will return to you as a cash-back (This only applies for Crypto Deposits)
  3. Promo Codes on Partner Websites
    You can check out MyStake’s partner websites suck as Lucky-Minigames to find Promo Codes to play MyStake Chicken for Free!

if you would like to try out the game with no deposit and want to make profit, then you should use a promo code to play chicken. The only official partner of MyStake with promo codes is website. This website has an official right to post MyStake Promo codes, bonus codes, free bets, free spisn and other promotions. You can actively keep an eye on their website to randomly get 10 EUR Chicken Free Bet with Promo Code

Big winners on MyStake Chicken

The max win on Chicken game is 11,000 EUR. But you may ask, has anyone ever managed to win that much? You should search that information on forums and chat rooms such as Telegram, Discord and Snapchat. These are platforms where people share their experiences of making Big Wins on the Chicken game.

Making a big win on Chicken is challenging. That’s because the game offers you to cash out at any moment. For example, at a certain step of the game you will be offered to cash out 8,000 EUR or to continue for the bigger win of 11,000. Will you have guts to continue, or will you cash out? Check out real user experiences in MyStake Discord Channels’s “big winners” chat room!

Chicken Game Mobile App

MyStake Chicken has a great User Experience on PC, especially for big screen. But it’s also enjoyable for the Mobile device. You can play chicken Mobile version on MyStake website, but it’s not all! Soon MyStake will release its Application, which you can download. Your user information such as balances, bonuses, etc will be transferred to your mobile app account and you can play the Chicken game without restrictions from your mobile!

Benefits of playing Chicken in Mobile App

– No Country Restrictions

– No VPN required

-Greater graphics and UX

Chicken Game NFT

Did you know? MyStake Chicken is even a NFT card! MyStake team has created a NFT collection on Opensea Marketplace. There are 3 characters in the collection: Dino, Chicken and Yeti from Icefied. They all share the same benefits and values. It’s an utility NFT which gives certain power-ups and benefits that make your gameplay more interesting and beneficial. For example, NFT owners can have increased withdrawal limits, Special dedicated tournaments, Giveaways, Prizes, In-real life meetings and parties, and much more! You can check out all the information about the Chicken NFT on MyStake NFT’s official website!

Gambling Experts Rate Chicken Mystake

Mystake Chicken is a famous character not only in game but even outside. It’s the most loved character on international gambling exhibitions such as ICE / IBG / SBC! More than thousand people take a picture with Chicken, and talk about it. On exhibitions, a lot of gambling experts rate the game.

One of the most influential Gambling Expert, Tom Morrisson describes MyStake Chicken:

“The chicken game has taken over the whole world! We’ve seen similar games such as Mines, Bombs, but this Chicken game is unique! The design is so cute that it encourages you to play, the thematic is very interesting! Who doesn’t love a chicken dinner? Especially when the game has 99% RTP it’s enjoyable for everyone! It’s clearly one of my the most favorite game of all time!”

Chicken is loved by players, experts and influencers.

Play Chicken Without Restrictions

If you’re living in a country where gambling is prohibited, do not worry! Chicken can be played from any country if you use VPN or play it with an app. Check out MyStake’s mirror website to check alternative domains and ways of playing Chicken if you’re unable to connect it with your smartphone from your location!


You can deposit any amount of money starting from 10 EUR / BRL to play the chicken game on MyStake

MyStake has exclusive right on Chicken game! You may see it on other websites too, but the real experience can be received on MyStake.

You can withdraw winnings from Chicken Game at any moment